For NON-EMERGENCY repair issues during business hours, please email or fill out the "Repair Request Form" on the left side of this page. 

For EMERGENCY repair issues after business hours or on the weekend, please contact the following companies immediately:

WATER LEAK EMERGENCIES Call Certified Plumbing (850-944-4190) for after-hours emergencies.  This includes water leaking on the floor when you CANNOT turn the water off.  If we determine that it was just a sink faucet leak, or that you could have turned off your water and waited until the next business day for the repair, you will be charged the difference in the after-hour and the business hour rates.  (If you owned the home, you would likely decide if it’s worth it to pay the almost double rates for the repair – we want you to think in this respect.)  Most owners don’t have unlimited funds to pay double for a repair that can wait a few hours or so.  Also, keep in mind, if this relates to water leaks due to freezing temperatures, you will be responsible.  You are expected to drain sprinkler pumps/wells and wrap all faucets or set them to drip until the freeze ends.


 SEWER EMERGENCIES  If you have sewer backup backing up into the home, call Certified Plumbing

(850-944-4190). This is not to be confused with a clogged toilet. If it is a clogged toilet, turn off the valve at the toilet and purchase a plunger.  Again, see the section above – if you want the after-hour repair, you will pay the overage for after-hour service.


ELECTRICAL EMERGENCIESCall McLemore (850-438-1555) for actual emergencies that are a danger to life or property.  Your fan going out or a bedroom light is not considered an emergency. Also, make sure you have reset all your GFI outlets and breaker box before calling.  Again, see the section above – if you want the after-hour repair, you will pay the overage for after-hour service.  Also, keep in mind, if the damage was caused by your neglect or abuse, you will be responsible for the entire repair cost.


A/C & HEATING EMERGENCIES - It’s only an emergency if the outside temps are below 40 or above 90.  All other issues will be dealt with during business hours.  If you desire after-hour service and the temps are within the range, you are welcome to call Economy Heating and Air at (850-944-9702), but you will pay the after-hour rate.  Also, keep in mind that if you do have something repaired after hours, and if the owner has a warranty on the unit, you will be responsible for the entire bill.