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Thanks for submitting your maintenance requests in writing! Please give us a very detailed description of your maintenance request as we need to make sure we have the correct information to get your repairs taken care of as soon as possible. Please remember that we may have to contact the owner if the repairs are major, but if you haven’t heard from us or a repairman within 2 days, please feel free to give us a call.

Also, allowing us permission to use a key is the fastest way to get your repairs completed. If we have to schedule an appointment for the repairs to be done, please expect a longer wait. For non-emergency repair issues during business hours, please email or submit a Maintenance Request. For maintenance emergencies please visit the links below.

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Emergency maintenance contacts

When calling any of the below contractors, please be sure to identify yourself as a “Mark Downey Tenant".

Water Leak Emergencies

Certified Plumbing - 850-944-4190

If you discover a water leak:

  • Find the water meter (usually in front of the home); turn off the water to the home.

  • ‘Major’ is defined as something that MUST be dealt with immediately, even if water is turned off, or risk major damage to the home.

  • If determined to be major, please call Certified Plumbing.

Owners typically will not pay for DOUBLE hourly service calls for a basic faucet or toilet leak (for ex.) that can wait for the next business day. If it’s later determined that the issue was not ‘major’, you likely will be required to pay the extra fee associated with after-hour service calls; so please, use your best judgment so we can help you avoid service charges.

Sewer Emergencies

Certified Plumbing - 850-944-4190

If you have sewer backup inside the home:

  • Please first verify if it is an emergency. If just a toilet back-up, or clogged sink, wait for the next business day to call the office, or use our online maintenance request now.

  • If it is an emergency (water is backing up into the home and shutting the water off at the toilet or the road doesn’t solve the problem), then please call Certified. Make sure you attempt to shut off any water that you can.

Owners typically will not pay the exorbitant after-hour fees so please be sure it is an absolute emergency. Again, if not, you could end up paying the difference between the regular service fee from the plumber, and the after-hour fee. We sincerely want to help you avoid this.

Electrical Emergencies

McLemore - 850-438-1555

If you experience a major electrical issue:

  • First verify if you have a GFI outlet tripped, or a breaker in the main panel tripped. This is about 75% of the electrical issues we typically get.

  • If you cannot find any issues with the above mentioned, please call McLemore Electric, but again, only if an emergency. If it is simply an outlet not working, or a light or fan out, this is not considered an emergency.

Please use your best judgment because if after-hour service is requested for something minor, the owner may require that we pass on that fee to you. It MUST be an emergency type issue.

A/C & Heating Emergencies

Economy - 850-944-9702

If you have a heating, air conditioner, or refrigerator emergency:

  • First verify if the breaker is tripped, or if the filter is clogged on the air unit. Change filter, and/or flip breaker if necessary.

  • If it still isn’t working AND if the temps are below 40 or above 90 degrees, please call Economy Heating & Air.

  • Use your best judgment for these type issues.

* If you desire any type of after-hour service and it is determined to NOT be an emergency, you are welcome to request our contractors to complete the work immediately - but you likely will be responsible to pay the emergency rate. The owner of the property will ONLY pay the normal hourly service fee associated with the repair – not the after-hour service fees. Also, if the owner has a home warranty, you could be liable for the entire repair unless the warranty company will reimburse you, which isn’t likely. Finally, if it is determined that the repair issue was created by abuse or neglect, you may be required to pay the entire bill.

We truly want to help you and want to take care of all your issues, but we must have protocols for all the various types of repairs that occur on a daily basis with the rentals we manage. The owners expect us to protect their investment, and most are unwilling to pay for repairs that are caused by the tenant or repaired after hours when it was something that most people would wait until the next business day anyway. We simply must use discretion and thus we ask that you do the same. Thank you so much!

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